Our vision is to revolutionize strength training at home. We’ll destroy the boring part of working out thanks to our game like fitness experience that motivates users to build a healthy workout routine and push their limits.



(As if we needed a reason)
STÆDIUM is the latest brainchild of Europe’s #1 fitness app. Yes, that would be us: Freeletics. 8 years ago, we shook up the dusty fitness industry with an idea that changed everything. 52 million users later, we’re still pushing to beat our own personal bests. Maybe it’s the endorphins, but we just can’t help it - it’s in our blood. During all this time we’ve spent coaching people to become the greatest versions of themselves, it’s not just our AI that got smarter. We learned a lot too. For example, that “love” is rarely the first word that comes to mind when people think of exercising. They know it’s good for their body, their emotional and mental health, and that it helps to age well, too. The benefits are always welcome. As for working out… well. They do it because there’s no other way. Period.

Smart addictive strength gaming

Smart addictive strength gaming

As creators, we asked ourselves: how can we help people to build a routine? What would it take for somebody to actually enjoy a strength workout? With this in mind, we brought gamers, designers, and sports PhDs together and, after endless sprints and tests, a new fitness concept was born. We call it strength gaming. And it involves everything we appreciate: advanced, AI-powered components, exceptional usability, great design, and the finest connected gear. Not to mention the experience. Seamless. Immersive. Highly engaging. In short, all the fun with crazy effective workouts.

STÆDIUM was a huge challenge and the kind of mission we at Freeletics like. Simply perfect for a brand that never settles.


What the creators say

Daniel Sobhani

CEO at Freeletics

Our vision is to revolutionize strength training at home. With STÆDIUM, we’ll destroy the boring parts of working out thanks to our unique gaming experience that will motivate people to work out and help them build a lasting fitness routine that doesn’t feel like an arduous chore.

Vicky Hallbauer

Chief Marketing Officer at Freeletics

This is strength training like you’ve never seen it before. With our state-of-the-art AI technology and premium hardware, STÆDIUM allows you to game yourself fit, all from the comfort of your own home.

Simon Alger

Lead Data Scientist

Since 2017, Freeletics has been a pioneer in revolutionizing hyper-personalized, AI-based fitness coaching. Now with STÆDIUM, our tech has become even more advanced. With computer vision-based movement recognition, we bring together our core training principles and technology to offer a new way to train your body in a highly engaging and fun environment.

Philipp Hagspiel

Concept Lead, Platform Expansion

With STÆDIUM, we are creating the space for your personal game day. You can enter the STÆDIUM to compete with friends or challenge yourself in a unique and highly-motivating strength game. We are merging real workouts, digital gaming mechanics, and technology to create STÆDIUM. In this way, we offer even more exciting ways to help people live a fit and healthy life.

Kianoush Missaghi

Senior Training Experience Manager

We wanted to make STÆDIUM the equivalent to strength training that playing soccer is for running. While you might be running just as much on the field, the setting, the emotions, and the mindset are all completely different, even though you’re still getting your exercise in. It doesn’t feel like a workout, because it’s a hobby you enjoy. This is what STÆDIUM is here to change about strength training.

Das ist deine Chance, eine Fitness-Revolution anzuführen
Das ist deine Chance, eine Fitness-Revolution anzuführen
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